Pet care

Welcome to Animal Acupoints a website designed for pet owners and others who wish to learn about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine. In the United States these veterinary disciplines are also referred to as Complimentary and or Alternative Veterinary Medicine.

Animal Acupoints is an acupuncture and integrative medicine service that provides veterinary care to dogs and cats in the Middle Atlantic region from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Our services are provided at two Delaware based American Animal Hospital certified facilities; Lums Pond Animal Hospital and Windcrest Animal Hospital. Our website provides you with basic information on ways to get the most benefit from acupuncture and herbal therapies for your canine or feline companions. You will find links to the veterinary facilities at which we work as well as websites that can provide you with veterinary acupuncturists outside of our region. Clicking on any of the Animal Acupoints’ tabs above will take you to more detailed information on the conditions and diseases most commonly treated with acupuncture as well as the different types of acupuncture such as “Dry needling,” “Electro-stimulation,” “Aquapuncture,” and Moxibustion.” At Windcrest Animal Hospital, your pet can also receive physical therapy (veterinary rehabilitation) in combination with their acupuncture.

This site allows you to ask questions about acupuncture and integrative medicine. It is important to recognize that without a direct veterinary client patient relationship we cannot provide specific options for your pet’s condition but can speak in general terms. You will also have direct contacts for our two Delaware sites so that you can get information on schedules, fees and location as well as to set up an appointment.

We hope you find the Animal Acupoints’ website informative and valuable.
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