Your First Appointment

Your first visit will be about an hour in length and is really about getting to know you and your animal companion. It is critically important that the individual(s) who know the patient be present at this initial visit. While some of the questions and parts of the examination will be similar to a Western veterinary visit, there will be differences as you may be asked what the color of your pet’s tongue is in his/her normal environment , and /or whether your pet has a preference for heat or cold. You will be asked a lot of questions about your pet’s personality with respect to people and other animals too.

It is important that you bring your pet’s current veterinary medical record with you; a list of all foods, including brands, that your pet eats; and the names and amounts of any nutritional supplements that you may be providing. It is often very valuable to bring food labels with you to the first visit. We will also want to know all medications both preventatives and treatments that you pet has or is receiving. Unless specifically requested not to communicate with your regular family veterinarian we will want to know his/her contact information so that we can follow up after the initial visit with a referrals letter to him or her.

A traditional Chinese veterinary medical examination will be performed that will include examining the 12 basic meridians or channels for sensitivity, heat and cold. Once this is completed an initial Chinese diagnosis will be made. This will sound very different from your Western diagnosis. For example, a dog that has severe itching might have diagnosis of external wind with Lung Qi Deficiency and a cat with digestive problems might have a diagnosis of Spleen Qi Deficiency.

After a thorough medical history and traditional Chinese veterinary examination is completed Dr. Kram will discuss available options for treatment. Once these are agreed to an initial needling will take place within this first appointment.



To arrange for an initial consultation with Dr. Kram contact either of our two hospitals and schedule an appointment.  Contact information for each of our facilities can be found in the column to the right or by clicking on the “Contact” tab on our homepage.  We look forward to helping you help your animal friend feel better.